Feature Enhancements: More Privacy Options & Session Feedback

Every day we continue to build out Yapp to make apps for your events or groups better. Today, we bring you two more feature enhancements.


As an organizer, you want to know how your participants feel about your programming. That’s exactly what you’ll learn with Yapp’s new feedback feature. Your attendees can now rate and give feedback for each schedule item in your app.

You can see the ratings and many other insights in the recently launched Mobile App Analytics Dashboard. For more details about Session Feedback read this support article.



We recently announced privacy settings so you can restrict access to your app to a hand-selected list of users. We heard you – you want even more control and flexibility over who installs your app. Today, we’re introducing a 3rd option for privacy settings.


Now choose the privacy setting that’s right for your app:
  • Anyone with your app ID or easy share URL can install your app
  • Anyone can install your app, but email authentication is required
  • Only users whose email address you add to a white list can install