9 Must-Have Marketing Tools: Get the Word Out About Your Mobile Event App

You’ve been there – you vetted dozens of mobile event app providers, looked through hundreds of feature choices, got approval from your boss and finally have the perfect mobile app for your event. Fantastic!

But wait – your job isn’t done yet. You still need to get the word out about your event app. The key to a good marketing strategy is to ensure it’s a multi-channel effort. This means reaching out to your attendees everywhere they are to remind them to download the event app. Start as soon as the app is (almost) ready, then continue marketing leading up to the event and even the day of the event.

This can be a daunting task on top of the ever growing list of appointments and tasks for the event, especially as it gets closer to the event date. That’s where this toolbox will come in handy. These tools are innovative, cutting-edge and most importantly will help you save time while still getting the word out about your app – here’s to looking like a marketing superhero!

Here is your event app marketing toolbox: Make marketing your event app as easy, efficient and successful as possible

Enhanced app screenshots: #1 MockUPhone and #2 Davinci Apps 

MockUPhone frames your mobile app screenshots in real device arts. These mock ups provide better visual context for the event app in all promotional materials. 

Best feature? It only takes seconds and it’s free. Simply visit the site, choose a device, pick a screenshot and stunning images showing off your event app will be ready to go.

Yapp event app video embed in an iPhone 6 Plus
DaVinci Apps is intended to be used for images for the app stores. We recommend it to create images of your event app with a nice background and tagline.

Best feature? Their images are great quality and you can create an entire package highlighting variety of features in less than 5 minutes.

Yapp screenshot network with attendees

Image design and editing: #3 Aviary and #4 Pixlr  

Aviary is a photo editing tool that gives you dozens of ways to enhance, accessorize and apply unique effects to your images. In our experience, it is the easiest tool to edit your event app screenshots.

Best feature? Aviary has mobile apps so you can edit your event app screenshots right from your mobile device if you’d like.

Pixlr is a free online image editor that enables you to fix, adjust, and filter images in a browser. Pixlr has plenty of features that you’d expect from Photoshop or Sketch available directly in your browser. Use it to create high-quality images showcasing your event app. We also recommend using Pixlr to resize your logo and other photos for a perfect fit within your app.

Best feature? The collages. This feature allows you to quickly create one image featuring multiple images you had created on MockUPhone showing off multiple features at a time.

Aviary or Pixlr alone are fantastic but combine them with DaVinci Apps or MockUPhone for the best images of your event app.

    • Use Aviary or Pixlr first to edit your screenshots then drop the enhanced screenshots into DaVinci Apps or MockUPhone.
  • Drop the plain screenshots into DaVinci Apps or MockUPhone and then upload these images to Aviary or Pixlr to add text or make other changes.

Here is a Pixlr collage featuring two screenshots created on MockUPhone: People profiles and menu for the event app


We uploaded a phone mock-up with an event app image and focused on the Sponsors title at the top of the app.



Here is a fun meme we created in Aviary using the image we had generated from MockUPhone originally.


Automatic ad creation: #5 Placeit or #6 Dunnnk

Placeit allows you to insert your app screenshot into iPhone, Android devices, and tablet mockups templates for free. It’s much faster than using a PSD mockup and there are plenty of different scenes and devices to choose from.

Best feature? We love the ability to edit the images immediately in the photo editing browser app by Placeit. 

We created this quick image that would be great for an email header promoting your app.


Dunnnk generates beautiful product mockups. You choose a scene, upload your app screenshot and get a mockup of your app in that scene in seconds.

Best feature? Instant free download of high-resolution designs ready to use in all of your marketing efforts. 

We created this image of a man holding a phone and looking at Yapp people listing in less than 30 seconds.

Yapp event app featuring people at an event

Create a video of your app: #7 Reflector 2

Everything you do on your iOS device can be mirrored or recorded to be shared with the world. Show off your app: You’ll be able to show off how easy it is to download, use and get hooked to your mobile event app. This is a great opportunity to highlight features that your attendees will love.

Best feature? You can live stream your actions on your device to YouTube. At the event, you can use this feature to mirror your device to demo the app on the big screen at the opening session! That’ll get even the nay-sayers to download your app.

Here’s a quick video we created highlighting Yapp’s session feedback feature:

Session Feedback from Yapp on Vimeo.

Schedule social media posts: #8 Buffer

Schedule, publish, and analyze posts to multiple social media channels in one place, simultaneously. You’ll save time: You can mass schedule posts from today to the day of the event on all your social media channels.

Best feature? Ability to re-share top posts. Monitor your top posts for each channel and repost them leading up to the event. You know it works best, you’ll save time writing a new post and you’ll get the word out!

Here’s a gif that shows you how easy it is to do this in Buffer platform.  

Source: https://blog.bufferapp.com/the-8-most-useful-features-for-a-powerful-social-media-presence

In-App image design: #9 Canva                           

Canva is a drag-and-drop design tool that can be used to create flyers, postcards, business cards, and other marketing materials. We recommend it to create not only marketing materials but also images you can use in your app. Read how to use Canva to create beautiful app covers or splash screens. Your app cover is the face of your app so it’s important that it looks inviting and meets your brand guidelines.

Best feature? Free stock photos and predesigned templates. Save time, money and resources while still marketing your app with beautiful, professional collateral.

Event app covers we designed on Canva: 

    Association Demo App

Other honorable mentions:

Easy Printing: Moo                  

If you must print, Moo is a great option. Use it to produce professionally printed business cards, postcards, flyers, and more.       

Infographic templates: Easel.ly

Use Easel.ly to create infographics to market your app such as “5 ways to make the most of your event registration” (hint: downloading the event app should be one of them) or “5 features you’ll love in this year’s event app”.

Social media images: DesignFeed

Designfeed is a new platform (still in beta as of May 12, 2016). You can create gorgeously-rendered social media images or ads, sized to fit all relevant platforms, and scalable to reach any sized audience. Simply type in the text you want in your ad and they’ll auto-suggest images that match it.

These are some of our top picks for tools that help supercharge marketing efforts. We’ve seen them improve efficiency and effectiveness of event app marketing campaigns for our clients. What’s your favorite marketing tool?