New Feature: Know Who’s Installed Your App

Make your App Private
We heard you – sometimes, you just want more control over who downloads your app. Introducing a new control for app creators: app privacy.

Use this feature to…

Make your app accessible to a pre-selected list of users.
Monitor who has downloaded your private app.
Revoke access to your app from previously approved users.

Added bonus? When you export your app data such as poll results, there won’t be any anonymous responses – know how your participants interacted with your app.

Watch it in Action


Already a Yapp paying customer? Read about how to make an app private.

Other Feature Updates

  • No more faceless posts! Your users can create profiles with photos right from their mobile devices which means no more faceless posting to News Feed.
  • Set the locale for your app to change how times and dates appear
  • Choose the default level of push notifications your users get
  • ICYMI: Export content from your Schedule, People, CrowdPics, Poll and News Feed pages.

and much more coming this year!

Try Yapp‘s award-wining, self-service platform for free. Then subscribe to a paid plan to  make your app private and start sharing it with your hand-selected list of users. Plans start at just $249. Subscribe by 1/20/2016 to save. On 1/21 we’ll be moving to 2016 prices. New plans will start at $399 so subscribe now to save!