New Feature! Rich Text Editor

New! Yapp Event App – You can now use rich text in your Yapp Editor 🎉

For a while now, users have asked for more flexibility and formatting options within Yapp.  Previously we’ve hesitated. We wanted to maintain the ease of use the Yapp editor has won awards for and also ensure customers created usable, great looking apps.  But we heard the call – and for months have worked closely with a select group of users on a major new feature….

Fresh out of private beta, we are thrilled to announce that our new Rich Text Editing feature went live to all users today. Rich Text Editing allows you to create nicer looking pages without requiring you to have any html or css knowledge. It is widely readable and enables you to:

  • Format text (bold, italics, headers, etc.)
  • Created bulleted and/or numbered lists
  • Insert buttons
  • Insert images
  • Create embedded link
  • And more…

There is a new dedicated Rich Text Page you can select from the Page Template Library.  The Rich Text Editor also automatically appears in sections of the creation process where it’s available – currently in the bio section of people detail pages and the description of schedule items pages.

We’ve updated our own sample apps, and you can see what a difference the new rich text makes!

Rich Text Editing will allow you to design more custom looking pages and help you make the app your own. The initial feedback we have been getting from app creators and their users has been overwhelmingly positive.  

“thanks for giving us early access Matt! We love this it’s so much nicer and we can do so much more!” – Jason Dunn

If you participated in the Rich Text Beta program we cannot thank you enough for your help and suggestions in making this new feature awesome!

To find out how to use the rich text editor visit the Rich Text Editing article in our help section.  You can always message us or email with any questions.

Over the years our customers have surprised us with their ingenuity and the new uses they found for Yapp. We cannot wait to see what you can do with this new feature!