New Feature! Social Feed Moderation

New! You can now moderate posts before they appear on the social feed🎉

​Yapp’s Social Feed template page is one of the most loved features of Yapp.  It allows users to interact with each other and post pictures, comment on these pictures or ask each other questions. This has long been one of the most popular feature of our award winning mobile app for conferences, internal events, association meetings, training events, internal communications and more.

As a reminder the social feed allows you and your users to

  • Communicate with each other on the social wall
  • Post pictures
  • Ask questions
  • Propose a meeting place
  • Build camaraderie
  • and more…

Some customers wanted more control over the posts in their feed.  So we’ve launched the ability to moderate a user’s post before it’s shared in the app.  Read about the new feature and how it works on our Help Site.  We hope you APPROVE! Send feedback or questions to or in the comments below this post.