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Meerkat Appn;

Live streaming mobile app that sends feeds directly to Twitter. Meerkat‘s app lets anyone send a livestream of what’s happening — be it news or every day life — into the Twitter-verse for others to watch and follow. The app is free, but currently only available on iOS.

The videos are true livestreams — once you stop broadcasting, the video disappears forever. Unlike other popular video apps (Vine and Snapchat leading the pack), you can’t save or rebroadcast; the streams live in the moment and on Twitter. Your followers will see the video in a tweet that starts |LIVE NOW| and can easily catch your video and add their comments while watching.

After the app’s launch on Feb. 27, it quickly blew up, gaining almost 30,000 users in a week. It so far has a lot of traction with journalists and news organizations as a great tool for writers. See something happening and need a report ASAP? Snap a Meerkat video and stream it to your followers. But its uses don’t have to be breaking, like news; it could be a great tool for announcements, showcasing events, or promoting your own content.