Product Update: Clone a Yapp

Want to make a clone of your Yapp? Now, Plus users can do it quickly and easily from the dashboard.

Dashboard — Clone a Yapp

One of the perks of subscribing to Yapp Plus is the ability to make unlimited copies of apps you’ve created. If you’re coming back to Yapp to create a new app for an event similar to one you’ve already put labor into (like a second annual conference or the same event but for different groups of people), we offer the ability to clone your Yapp.

While previously something we had to manually do for you, now the feature is easily accessible on the dashboard.

Choose the app you want to copy and click the gear icon in the upper right corner of its preview card. Once you click ‘Clone App’ the process starts immediately.

Cloning copies all of the content of your app except News Feed and Crowd Pics posts. These pages remain in the app, but are empty of previous interactions. Your new clone will publish with a unique URL that you can share, and will be totally independent of it’s originator — no need to worry about people who downloaded the original app getting updates from the clone.

When you clone, the name shows up as “[Name of Original App] copy,” but you can now change that easily as well from the same dropdown menu.

Rename — Clone a Yapp

When you click ‘Rename Yapp,’ a new box will appear and allow you to type in the new name of your Yapp. This changes the official app name, which you see on Dashboard and your users see on web preview.

To change the name of the app on your cover page, open the editor.

If you’re not a Plus user but want to clone an app, send us an email and we’ll set you up!