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Ubuntu, n;

An open source operating system for computers, tablets and now, phones. Ubuntu — which translates into “human-ness” — offers developers the opportunity to contribute to the code that builds the platform for the purpose of personal learning and also bolstering the company’s software offering. Google’s Android project (which builds their smartphone and tablet softwares) is also open source.

Ubuntu just announced and began releasing it’s first ever mobile phone through a series of pop-up flash sales. The phone is available for under $200 and functions similarly to other smartphones on the market, but with it’s own unique operating system. The biggest difference is that all the content on Ubuntu is HTML5 based rather than app-based. That means that content is all aggregated in one place (like the Web) rather than launching through different channels (like apps). It’s a highly ambitious and proven-to-fail method. You can still use some of your favorite apps (Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Yelp, etc.) but the experience will be slightly different and heavily web-based.

Should the platform recruit a high number of early adopters, they’ll figure out how and where to sell their device, in case you want to get your hands on it.