Tips & Tricks: Settings to Keep Your Videos Private in Yapp

Adding videos to your Yapp is a stellar way to increase engagement and repurpose your content. Whether it’s footage from an event, a trailer or recap from a last event, a playlist of the best Super Bowl commercials, or anything else, our Videos page is an awesome spot to easily store them.


With Yapp, you can only embed into the video page, and only through YouTube and Vimeo, meaning you first have to add your videos to the web before they can be added to your app.

For some, this is an iffy privacy space. If you have videos made specifically for your corporate retreat containing important information, you probably don’t want to upload it to YouTube.

If you’re looking for some extra layers of privacy for embedding your videos into the Videos page, we did a little research and found the best settings for each site.

Vimeo is the most private option, with a variety of settings to adjust the visibility of your video. Our suggestion (as pictured above) is to add password protection.

To have a password protected video show in Yapp:

  • Upload your video to
  • In “Privacy Settings,” choose “Only people with a password,” then assign a password to your video
  • Select “Anywhere” in the section that specifies where the video can be embedded

Vimeo Privacy Settings


YouTube doesn’t have password protection, only totally private videos. If your videos are marked as private (here or on Vimeo), they can’t be embedded anywhere, including Yapp.

We suggest using the “Unlisted” setting in YouTube. This makes your video hidden but still accessible by anyone with the link (like your Yapp!). It can’t be discovered via search.

To have an unlisted video show in Yapp:

  • Upload your video to
  • In “Video Manager,” under “Basic Info,” change your video to Unlisted.
  • In “Advanced Settings,” check to make sure that your embed settings are still open.

YouTube - Unlisted


We’re working on adding add video from file abilities, so keep an eye out!