Tom Crowl of The Savvy Event Planner Explores Event Apps by Yapp

Melanie Woodward introduces Yapp to Tom

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Tom Crowl of The Savvy Event Planner recently interviewed our CEO, Maria Seidman. Tom first heard about Yapp from Melanie Woodward of Event Planning Blueprint. Tom was interviewing Melanie  about Event Planning Tips. Melanie was sharing four tips she learned from the event planners of the Awesomeness Fest in Costa Rica. One of the tips was to use Yapp for the event app! Melanie explains, “The next thing that they did really well was the event app. They created their own event app on Yapp. Y-A-P-P. And so, anyone listening can go to Yapp and create their own event app as well. But what that did was it makes it really easy to update the schedule. And also there’s a news feed on there, there were maps and PDFs on there so if some of the breakout sessions were maybe moved, or they wanted to highlight them, that was all in the app. So, that was number two, is the event app.”

Curious about the Yapp event app for the Awesomeness Fest? Check it out here.

Tom takes Yapp’s event app builder for a ride

Watch Tom’s review of the Yapp platform as he explores it for the first time. He emphasizes how easy it is to create event apps by Yapp as well as make changes. The best part? The changes appear on his phone instantly!

Tom speaks with our CEO, Maria Seidman, on event apps and mobile technology

26 Event Apps Mobile Tech Maria Seidman

Tom interviewed Maria about her background in mobile app technology, founding Yapp and the event app industry as it stands today. Tom highlights what listeners can learn from the Podcast:

“What can happen when obsession and passion meet opportunity

  • The types of events that benefit from an event app
  • Important features for event apps
  • How an event app can help attendees
  • What attendees really need in an event app
  • How an event app can help event planners
  • What planners should consider when designing an event app
  • What happens when there is no Wifi or cell phone signal
  • Why some event apps can be so expensive and time consuming
  • Do you need an event app, website or both?
  • And much, much more…”

Listen to the Podcast on event apps. Or, read the full transcript of the Podcast.

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