Mobile App Analytics for Events, Meetings, Groups and More

The power of data for all your digital and mobile efforts including your mobile event app is undeniable. With Yapp, from the moment you create an app you can access the analytics dashboard for your mobile app with real-time insights. Monitor all of your mobile app analytics for events such as app installs, app adoption and app usage over time as well as dive into content specific metrics.

Leverage your mobile event app analytics to:

  1. Make changes to the app in real-time or send push notifications to your users
  2. Increase app marketing leading up to the event if installs are low
  3. Monitor how your attendees are engaging with the app such as most popular pages
  4. Show off these mobile event app statistics to your boss and colleagues
  5. Provide data to your sponsors to increase their ROI and your sponsor revenue

Below review a snapshot of the mobile app analytics available with Yapp for every mobile app created on our mobile app platform.


The best part about Yapp’s mobile app analytics? This is just a start to the analytics we plan to offer! Stay tuned for additions and improvements to our Analytics dashboard.

Try Yapp‘s award-winning, self-service platform for free. Then subscribe to a paid plan to start sharing it with your users and monitor your app analytics. Plans start at just $399.

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