What the Tech?! Top Tech Trends of 2014

Top Google Tech Trends of 2014

2014 brought a ton of new tech hardware and software to the world. We covered a lot of it in this What the Tech?! series! This week, we’re looking back using Google Trends. These were five of the top searched-for tech gadgets and trends from 2014.


An over-the-air sharing feature on iOS. Easily send files (and Yapps!) via Airdrop when two phones with the tech enabled are nearby. Similar concepts: Airplay, Handoff

Bitcoin, n;

An Internet-based virtual currency that is mined by developers. It’s a completely tax-free currency that can be exchanged directly from person to person with no banks involved. People asked: What is Bitcoin?


A digital show or broadcast, usually a series, available to stream on the web or download to a device. Anyone can make and put out a podcast on the web, though the most popular are sponsored by radio channels like NPR. Most searched podcast: Serial

iPhone 6n;

Apple’s latest phone, revealed and released over the summer. The phone’s are marginally larger than the last iPhone 5 models, and are running iOS 8The iPhone 6 was the most searched for tech gadget.

Apple Watchn;

A smart watch running iOS that can run apps and is linked to your iPhone. The latest gadget in Apple’s arsenal comes in two sizes and a variety of styles, but hasn’t yet taken off. The Apple Watch was the third most searched gadget.