Why Social Feed is Must-Have for a Conference App

A conference app has become the norm at conferences and meetings of all sizes. They’re used to share pertinent event information such as maps, schedule, documents and more. Another big advantage of event apps is their social features such as Yapp’s Social Feed that serves as an in-app group chat where attendees can post photos and comments as well as react to previous posts with a “like” or comments. However, an interactive feature like this brings some concerns for stakeholders about privacy and professionalism.


Here’s Why Social Feed is A Must-Have (And How to Sell It To Stakeholders): 

  • 75% of attendees say networking is important to them. Allowing attendees to communicate with each other via the event app is a seamless way to facilitate networking.
  • People expect to be able to interact and engage digitally when they are at events. Social Feed allows you to have a private social networking experience inside the app. If this option is missing, users will turn to Facebook or other networks where they may get distracted and will no longer be engaging with your event.
  • You can control your event app right from you mobile device. This includes the ability to delete any comments which should address any concerns about inappropriate posts.
  • Through Yapp’s privacy options, you can revoke access to specific users if you’d like.
  • Set the tone: Dedicate a page to share the rules of conduct for the app and let them know that they will be booted off if they misbehave.
  • Social Feed is the best way for users to feel connected to the event app and continue to bring them back to the app. This will help make the app the go-to resource for details about the event. If you have sponsors, they’ll be happy with the engagement metrics. You’ll be able to make all key announcements right in the app making logistics much smoother. The overall ROI for your app will be better!
  • Since you and your management team can monitor the conversation, you’ll also gain invaluable feedback from candid posts by attendees.
  • The ability to add photos will increase interaction as attendees share photos they take or come back to the app to keep up with photos being posted by others.

Two-way communication between you/management to attendees as well as among attendees is incredibly important in creating an experience that they will not forget! This will improve the overall event experience for the attendees. As long as you set the tone, and leverage admin features that are at your disposal, Social Feed is undoubtedly going to supercharge the event experience for everyone!