Background Templates for Your Thanksgiving Yapps

Thanksgiving is just around the corner in the U.S., and we’re thankful for all of you incredible users.

To show our love, we decided to make a few attractive background images for your new cover pages, to help spice up your app’s look (and make it super simple to create one in time for the holiday!).

Thanksgiving Yapp Covers


These four were designed by our team for you to use, and we’ve also curated some royalty-free stock images on Pinterest that you can try out.

Want More? Head to Pinterest!

Once you’ve set up your beautiful new cover and added content to your Yapp, share it with your friends and family (and us!). We would love to see your Yapp creations — send them to us via social media, email, or in the comments here.

Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Yapp!