Want a new template page? Join our crowdfunding campaign!

We love hearing from you, our users, about what you want to see on Yapp. And, we want to make our app-builder the best possible resource for whatever you decide to create.

After talking to a number of users, we decided on four template pages to add to Yapp — Instagram, RSS Feeds, Photo and Text, and Multi-Track Scheduling. But to do that, we’re going to need your help.

See, to craft these pages, our awesome design team has to imagine what they’ll look like and how they’ll work. Then, our incredible developers have to take that vision and code it into reality. Lastly, the team tests the pages to see what works and what doesn’t. That 3 step process takes a long time, and repeats itself over and over until we come out with a near-perfect template page for you to use.

In layman’s terms, it’s not easy. And rather than asking you to fund an entire thousands-of-dollars page yourself (we know a big portion of you use Yapp because it’s affordable), we are hoping our community will come together to help us out. Pitching in just a little bit to one page or to all the pages will help immensely, and will bring you a few steps closer to getting the template page you want for your Yapp.

If you don’t see a page you’re dying for yet, don’t worry! The success of these campaigns will help us decide if we should run others and fund more template pages. In the long run, we want everyone using Yapp to be able to have all the useful pages that they want without handing over an arm and a leg.

Ready to join us on this exciting new adventure? Check out all of the template page options and rewards!


Want to read more about our adventure into crowdfunding? Check out our press kit.