Multi-Track Schedule: Help Us Build It!



We’re running a crowdfunding campaign in hopes of funding four template pages to add to the Yapp platform. All four are pages you’ve asked for that we’re excited to see on Yapp. Each week of the campaign, we’ll be featuring one of the four pages, showing you how it works, what it can do, and why you should help fund it!

Multi-Track Schedule.

This page is in high demand by conference and event organizers. In its most literal form, multi-track schedule is great for events with multiple tracks — different workshops, sessions, goings-on for different types of attendees.


But, the page can also be used to distinguish between simultaneous events that aren’t necessarily “track” based. For users like Edcamp organizers — some of our most dedicated Yappers — with multiple sessions taking place at once all in different rooms, the tracks could be the room numbers. Any session with a red coloration is in room 101.

Or, let’s say you have a multiple day event with long schedules for each day. Rather than having one super long schedule that users have to scroll through every day, or having 5 different schedule pages, you can assign each day a track color. Users will click the ‘Schedule’ icon, choose the day and see the list of events happening then.

Though multi-track is generally though of to be a tool for conferences and big events, ours will be simple yet powerful enough to work beyond those boundaries. To build multi-track schedule, we’re hoping to raise $4,500. If you’d like to see this page added to our platform, or need it in your Yapp ASAP, please contribute to fund it. If you give $80 or more, you’ll have access to the page in your account once it becomes available. You won’t be charged unless the campaign succeeds. 

Fund Multi-Track Schedule!