Curtains Up! Yapp Launches

We’re excited to introduce the world to Yapp today. We’ve been working hard creating a simple, intuitive, and fast tool to let anyone create a mobile app. It’s a pleasure to remove our beta signup page (though we’ll miss the mad libs) and let everyone use the platform.

During our invitation-only beta period, we learned so much from our users. What was most amazing was the incredible variety of events, groups and gatherings that you created Yapps for. Weddings, conferences, reunions, classes, book clubs, fundraisers, mini-maker faires, sorority parties and vacations are just the beginning. Your creativity inspires our creativity.

Since beginning our beta, we have introduced new features including a native Android version of YappBox; the ability for creators to send push notifications, moderate news feed items, and create an app from their iPad; an easy, customizable app download URL which makes it easy to share their app privately with others; over 40 new themes, and more.

We’re most excited about the future. While we have had fun implementing your ideas during our beta period, we still have a list of common requests that we’re excited to tackle (end times, an alternative to Facebook login, multiple administrators, to name a few!). In addition, to your ideas, the team here has some exciting (secret for now) plans that we are itching to build.

Yapp is the most awesome thing we’ve ever built and it brings us such happiness to share it with everyone. We have a great foundation in place, an amazing and dedicated team, and we love to hear your feedback. We read most user feedback out loud in the office. That includes both praise and criticism, so don’t be shy in letting us know what you think and where you would like to see Yapp go.

Help us spread the word by telling your friend, family, colleagues and communities they can now create a Yapp too.  And, happy Yapping!