What the Tech?! MICA

MICA, n; My Intelligent Communication Accessory; a smart cuff designed by Intel and Opening Ceremony as a high-fashion tech accessory for women. The tech and fashion brands combined to bring women an attractive solution to the clunky smartwatch market.

It’s Yapp’s Birthday!

As we head into our third year, our team took a chance to highlight all of the awesome things that we’ve done since our 1st birthday. Take a look at all of these awesome updates and achievements! Here’s to a…

What the Tech?! Handoff

Handoff, n; This feature from Apple syncs your iOS devices and allows you to work seamlessly between them all. If you’re working on something on your computer but have to run, you can easily switch to your phone and pick up…

What the Tech?! Google Inbox

Google Inbox, n; A new email app from Google that integrates reminders, alerts, reservations, and other Google-based web functions into your inbox. Inbox is built off of Gmail, the widely-used free web email service from Google.