Private Beta

Today, we opened our first product, Yapp Events, to users in a private beta.  Yapp Events allows anyone to create a mobile application for their wedding, conference, book club, reunion, team, club, and…(well, that is what we are excited to find out!).

What does launching a private beta mean, anyhow? It means something different for every new service.  For us, we invited a small number of users from our beta list to try the product. We couldn’t let everyone in (yet).  We are a small team and need time to give to our early users the love and attention they deserve.

Previously, I wrote a blog post about the viral sign up craze.  We decided to prioritize our list based on who we thought — from our “Mad Libs” style sign up form — might most benefit from the current version of Yapp Events.  (If we missed you, send me a note at  We could have certainly increased our list by using some social mechanics like offering invites to those folks who Liked Us on FB or Followed Us on Twitter, before they even saw or tried the service.

But that’s not how we roll.

We have worked hard to build what we think is a great product —  one we hope is worthy of the special and professional events in your life.  And, we have just begun!

We hope that in time, we will have a community of passionate users whose events and lives Yapp has enriched.  Then those Likes and Follows will mean something.

Please join us by signing up at