What the Tech?! Handoff

Apple Handoff — I'll take the next leg on this one


This feature from Apple syncs your iOS devices and allows you to work seamlessly between them all. If you’re working on something on your computer but have to run, you can easily switch to your phone and pick up where you left off. This works whether you’re writing an email or browsing the news.

Handoff comes in conjunction with other continuity updates, like those that let you answer calls and texts on your Mac. These all require iOS 8 on your phone or tablet and OS X Yosemite on your Mac. With Handoff, when your devices are within Bluetooth range and recognize one another over a WiFi network, you’ll be alerted on the device you’re working on that you can switch over to the connected device nearby. The list of compatible apps is limited — and almost entirely from Apple — including Mail, iCal, Messages, Maps, Safari, and Keynote, among a few others.

The feature works fully with iPhone 5 or later, new iPads (Airs and Minis), and the newest iPod touch when connected to MacBooks, Mac Pros, Mac mini’s and iMacs. Once Handoff is enabled in settings, Bluetooth is on on all devices, and their connected to the same WiFi network, the multitasking can begin.