Tips & Tricks: Take RSVPs Digital

Hosting an event is an organizational bear in and of itself. Once you start inviting people, the madness truly begins. And, because there’s a BIG difference in planning for 40 and for 400, the RSVP was born.


While Yapp doesn’t yet have a dedicated RSVP page (it’s in the works!), there are a few ways to get a solid headcount from your attendees.

Many users will create surveys or forms for their attendees to respond to using Google Forms or a service like Survey Monkey, then include the sharing link within the app somewhere. Our invitation page (pictured above) is a great spot for this. If you’re creating a form, keep it simple — name, yes attending or no, not attending, and an email or phone number, in case you want to get in touch.

Others will instead put an email address — either dedicated to receiving RSVPs or personal — on a page like this, asking guests to simply tap and email their attendance plans.

Just need a head count and not a list of names? Use our poll page! Users can easily respond ‘Yes’ that they’re coming or ‘No’ that they’re missing out, and you’ll be able to easily see the breakdown from your app or from the editor.

The News Feed is also a good way to gather RSVPs. Once the app is downloaded, send out a push notification asking your users to post in their plans to attend the event.

All the while, keep an ear out for an announcement that RSVP capabilities are available within Yapp!