Yapper Mondays: Spring Sports

To feel a little warmer in the chilly ends of winter, we’re showing off the early risers who’ve already put together their spring sports Yapps. After our new football theme — which rolled out last week just in time for Super Bowl Sunday — we have a host of new sports themes perfect for March Madness or Opening Day on their way.

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This church league made a place for all the players to see their schedule and standings, plus chat with each other about the games.

For this local equestrian club, Yapp became a simple way to spread the word about dates and registration information for riders to qualify for championships.

This high school baseball team added Varsity and JV rosters, coaching staff and the season schedule to give players and their parents always-accessible information. There’s also info on team gear for sale at the school to show off their spirit.

This is just one of the plethora of Yapps that the Schulenburg High School athletic department created. Each team has an app, complete with schedules, rosters and notes from coaches, available to players and fans alike.