Yappy Valentine’s Day!

Fair warning: Thursday is Valentine’s Day. We at Yapp want to help you celebrate, whether you’re having a quiet night with your other half, partying with friends, or sticking it to the man anti-VDay style, there’s a perfect Yapp theme out there waiting for you.

Here are our top 6 themes for all your Valentine’s needs. Once you’ve picked one and put it together, let us see it! Send your Yapp URL to us on Twitter, Facebook, or via email and we’ll shout out your great Yappin’ skills.

XOXO: This Valentine’s Day theme embraces bubble-gum pink and all but emits heart-shaped bubbles from your phone. If you’re going all out — whether with the company of one or many — XOXO is perfect.

Radiant Ranunculus (in rose): Roses are blush pink in this simplistic theme great for an easy date night with your spouse.

Simplicity (in pink): Show off yummy treats (see above, try not to drool), lovely arrangements or beautiful designs with the big-picture theme Simplicity. Great for a DIY cupcake party or a fun night with friends.

Tea Roses (in fuschia): Another sweet theme that won’t bombard you with hot pink, Tea Roses is perfect for any Valentine’s Day get together. For two, four, ten or more, it makes a card that anyone can love.

Primary Colors (in black): Not so much a fan of Hallmark’s biggest holiday? Here’s an easy black theme to make a striking anti-establishment invite for the least lovey-dovey of bashes.

Pen an Ink (in pomegranate): In this deep, rich pomegranate pink, Pen and Ink provides a classy, cocktail party-ready theme for your Valentine’s Day soiree.

(Remember, send us your Valentine’s Day Yapp URL via Twitter, Facebook, or email and you might just see it on our blog this week!)