Yapper Mondays: Summer Camps Embrace Tech

Summer camps usually bring to mind canoes, climbing walls and bugle wake up calls. These Yappers have taken correspondence to a new level with free apps for all types of education-centric camps.

The Confident Kids Camp is a therapy camp program for children with social disabilities preparing for school with workshops for parents. They’re using their schedule to plan daily field trips and a news feed for updates as the camp dates grow closer.

Brookwood School’s STEM camp is using Yapp in a bunch of awesome ways. Not only do they have their main app, which includes an overall schedule and information for parents, but the campers are making apps, too!

The Sommerkurs 2013 app from Norway has a detailed schedule of it’s camp for different levels of school band members around the country. Each night, the campers perform concerts, and the app integrates Twitter, photos and Facebook to keep parents in the loop.