Yapper Monday: Happy Small Business Week!

This week is Small Business Week, and what better way to highlight innovative small businesses than to shout out some of their apps? We’ve featured some small biz Yappers before, but we’ve seen many new small business apps pop up and want to give them a chance to shine.

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The Z Recording Studio in Peekskill, NY, advertises their space for recording, parties, and art openings, among tons of other events. On the app, you can check out the space and its many visitors.

Scavenger Hunt Atlanta uses Yapp for all of its scavenger hunts. The biz arranges and hosts various types of hunts, both private and public, and each one gets its own Yapp to broadcast items found.

We’ve featured Young’s Wine previously on our blog, but the spirits seller has also created apps for stores in Washington State and Oregon. Each one features an inventory of the store and features specials from time to time.