Yapper of the Month: Naomi Harm

Our users never cease to impress us here at Yapp. In fact, they’ve used Yapp in such cool ways that we’ve started a monthly feature where we have a conversation with a user who has an awesome story, and has made an awesome Yapp. This month, we interviewed Naomi Harm, an education expert who trains teachers around the world!

Naomi owns a consulting company through which she teaches educators successful technology integration. She provides instruction for iPad technology, mobile learning tech initiatives and admin tech leadership, among many things.

She helps teachers find robust solutions to help make their jobs easier while, at the same time, making an impact on student learning. With her pupils, she works towards discovering what teachers can do to transform the structural approach to education to make kids more engaged and motivated in the classroom. On this topic, she said, “we know we’re offering quality instructional practices to make immediate change that will impact kids.”

Naomi’s motto is Together we are Better. One individual can’t know it all, but by working together and educating one another, we can create a safe space to learn about and optimize emerging educational technology. Most importantly, Naomi helps teachers learn how to meet the needs of all of their students using technology, keeping in mind that each child has a different way of learning.

She recently used Yapp for the Connected Educator Tech Symposium, where teachers from more than 20 school districts gathered in Wisconsin to explore a transitional approach to teaching. The conference revolved around the idea of collaboration and communication, with the hope that these will lead to immediate feedback from students. There was even a group of students at the conference—the “Student Geek Squad”— that collaborated with and taught the teachers!