Edcamp UNconferences embrace EdTech & app creation


Yapp Spotlight:

Edcamp Foundation

In 2010, a group of educators in Philadelphia came together to create the first Edcamp UNconference. The create-your-own schedule format took off, and Edcamp spread from state to province to nation. Teachers come together all across the world to talk about what matters to them — they set the agenda morning-of, they teach the sessions, they work together to tease out new ideas.

We love working with Edcamp organizers. If you remember primary school, you probably recall frazzled teachers — their plates are constantly overflowing, yet they still make time for professional development. They’re busy planning (and teaching and counseling and administrating…), but almost always answer with enthusiastic curiosity when we at Yapp reach out to help them go mobile.

Edcamp’s aren’t tech specific events, but technology has become an integral part of education (think square = rectangle but rectangle ≠square, then thank your 2nd grade teacher).  We introduce them to Yapp as a tool to organize their unconferences, and they see it as a tool to upgrade their classrooms.

Best of all, Edcamps are a totally free resource for teachers. The Foundation provides organizers with blog resources, seasoned organizer mentors and Edcamp-friendly sponsors to keep production costs minimal.

So far, we’ve partnered with a bunch of exciting Edcamps, offering setup assistance and raffle prize swag. If you’re an educator and you want to start an Edcamp, check out The Edcamp Foundation to get started.

And once you’re set to go, check out Yapp and give us a shout! We want to help you make the most of your unconference.