Introducing the Eventbrite Tickets Template Page

Putting together an event takes a lot of time, organization, and awesome tools.

Now, two of your favorite tools are joining forces to streamline your event management from start to finish. Yapp has partnered with Eventbrite to bring you our newest template page: tickets.


If you already use Eventbrite for ticketing and event management, all you have to do is open up the Yapp for your event, add the Tickets page, then sync your Eventbrite account to import your event.

If you aren’t familiar with Eventbrite, it’s the world largest self-service ticketing company that allows people to easily host, promote and discover events they’ll love.

By bringing our services together, your users will be able to get everything they need to attend and have a great time at your event, all in one place.

Head to Yapp now to check out the new page. If you have feedback, send it our way. And, if you’re excited about the Yapp/Eventbrite friendship, spread the word and help get more organizers on board!