Image and Text: Help Us Build It!


We’re running a crowdfunding campaign in hopes of funding four template pages to add to the Yapp platform. All four are pages you’ve asked for that we’re excited to see on Yapp. Each week of the campaign, we’ll be featuring one of the four pages, showing you how it works, what it can do, and why you should help fund it!

Image and Text Page

Right now on Yapp, you can store photos in a few different pages. You can also paste miscellaneous information into our Simple Text page. But so far, we haven’t had a page that can function as a great-looking mix of the two. With the Image and Text page we are hoping to add, all of those problems will be solved. You’ll be able to insert a picture (that could be your logo, an image of the hotel you’re staying at, a fun GIF of a kitten) and include informative text beneath it. content

There are a ton of different ways to take advantage of this rich page. Maybe you’re including directions — take a screenshot of the map route and include the list of directions beneath it. This is a great option before we guests can get a maps page running on the platform. Or, you could use it to include photos that need captions or to add a bit of flair to a basic message.

It’s great to add professionalism and context for conference and business apps, or to add fun aesthetics to your personal or group apps.

We would love for you to show off more images and add fun context to your next Yapp. To build the Image and Text template page, we’re hoping to raise $1,750. If you’d like to see this page added to our platform, or need it in your Yapp ASAP, please contribute to fund it. If you give $80 or more, you’ll have access to the page in your account once it becomes available. You won’t be charged unless the campaign succeeds.

Fund Image and Text!