What the Tech?! Android Launchers


Android Launcher, noun;
Technically, it’s the homescreen of an Android phone. There are launchers built into an Android phone’s code (which is why each manufacturer can sell its own look), but there are also apps that let users customize the look of their phone on top of that built in design. This is probably what you’ve heard or read about, and faced with dreadful confusion.

Unlike iOS devices, Androids are highly customizable. There are a variety of launcher apps available in the Google Play store that either apply a specific look to your phone (like Launcher 7, which applies the look of a Windows phone) or provide you with a variety of customizable templates to find an aesthetic that’s pleasing to you (like Nova Launcher).

When you download and open a launcher, it takes over the user interface (i.e., the look and feel) of the phone. The functionality of all of your apps and widgets remains the same, simply with a more unique and unified design. Plus, you can customize gestures and animations to look like a real wizard to all of your friends.


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