Tips & Tricks: Keep Family Close for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is on its way, kicking off a season of festivities, food and family.

Even if your family is far apart, you can share words of thanks (and pictures of turkeys) with an app.

Come Together with an app for the family this holiday season


Create a simple app — use News Feed and Crowd Pics, plus maybe an Information or Simple Text page to explain for those less tech-savvy. Fancy it up with a stellar cover page and a custom Yapp ID (use your surname, for instance).

Then, send an email to your fam (nuclear or extended, whatever feels right) with the app, explaining that you can all use it to share updates, post pictures, send messages, and generally keep in touch. Make sure to include your Yapp link in the body of the email so that they can easily access it should they have trouble downloading.

From there, it’s up to you! Instead of emailing or messaging photos, post them into the app. Send Thanksgiving hellos to mom and dad, compare dinner spreads, and foster childhood football rivalries all in your News Feed page.

And the best part is — the app doesn’t have to end with Thanksgiving. You can easily edit your theme and cover so that the family can use it to keep in touch year-round. It’ll make for a great tool in planning the annual get-together, rather than trading email after email.

Send us your family and holiday Yapps!