Introducing Yapp Plus

Since Yapp’s launch two years ago, we have been proud to give hundreds of thousands of people the chance to create powerful, great looking mobile apps for free. It fits with our mission of putting mobile creation in the hands of the masses so that YOU can connect better and more personally. That mission hasn’t changed — you will still be able to create apps for free with Yapp.

Our other goal is to create a sustainable business so that we can continue to make Yapp even better.  So, we are excited to announce the biggest addition to Yapp ever — Yapp Plus.

Yapp Plus

After building a foundation on our free plan for two years, we are excited to bring you a plan to fit your needs with Yapp Plus and Team Plus.

With Yapp Plus, you’ll get:

  • Advanced customization — including custom theme colors, uploadable custom covers, and free Yapp IDs for all of your Plus apps.
  • Robust plus template pages — like multi-track schedule, PDF and Documents page, admin-only news feed, and more to come.
  • Top-notch support — with VIP access to our support team, free photo exports, setup credits and more.

Check out the plans and upgrade on our site.

Yapp Plus is built for someone who needs a bit more oomph in their app(s).  Whether your annual event has some complexity, you need to customize to fit your brand, or you just want all the bells and whistles, Yapp Plus is the affordable plan for you.

If you’re creating apps frequently, maybe working with a larger company or organization, check out our Team Plus plan. You’ll have the same great features as Yapp Plus, as well as multiple administrators and more Plus apps.

Get more details on subscriptions from our support page, and check out the Plus plans and features on our website!

Our team has worked tirelessly to bring these exciting new features to you at an affordable price that remains a fraction of what other services or custom app development would cost.

We hope you’ll try out and love the additions. As always, your feedback is welcome — send us an email with your thoughts.