The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Apps for Events and Conferences

A good mobile app for events and conferences can make life much easier for organizers and attendees. This guide outlines top features to look out for.

What are Mobile Apps for Events and Conferences?

A mobile app for events and conferences is a software application designed to make your event or conference more organized, efficient, and engaging.

The app can be used to centralize all the information related to your event or conference in one place. This way, attendees can have everything they need at their fingertips, including the schedule, list of speakers, map of the venue, and more.

Attendees walking through a conference event floor

Mobile apps for events and conferences can also facilitate communication and networking among attendees. For instance, attendees can use the app to share photos and interact on social media or on an event-specific feed within the app itself. 

The Benefits of Mobile Apps for Events and Conferences

When it comes to events and conferences, there are a lot of moving parts. From planning to execution, keeping everything organized and on track can be difficult. That’s where mobile apps can help. A good mobile app for events and conferences can make life much easier for organizers and attendees. 

Here are some benefits of using a mobile app for your next event or conference.

Support Engagement on Mobile Devices

With more and more people using mobile devices, it’s never been a better time to create a mobile app that allows attendees to get information and engage with your event right from their phones.

Using a mobile app, you can ensure that all the information related to your event or conference is readily available on attendees’ mobile devices. This includes the schedule, list of speakers, map of the venue, and more. Additionally, a mobile app can facilitate communication between the organizer and attendees and networking among attendees.

Attendees can also use the app to communicate and provide feedback about their experiences through polling features. 

Set Up Your Event Easily

Creating an event with an event mobile app is easy! With just a few clicks, you can add all the essential details about your event, including the date, time, location, and more. You can also add photos to give your event page a personal touch. And once you’re finished, you can share it with your attendees and staff with just a few clicks. 


With all the information related to your event or conference centralized in one place, you can save a lot of time, money, and effort in terms of event planning and execution. For example, centralizing your event information allows you to drastically reduce or eliminate paper programs and printing costs and the logistics of shipping and distribution at the event.

Push Notifications for Sharing Event Information

One of the great benefits of using a mobile app for your event is the ability to send out push notifications. This way, you can remind attendees about essential aspects of the event, such as upcoming scheduled sessions, speaker keynotes, and more.


push notifications from event mobile app


Push notifications allow you to communicate with attendees about last-minute changes or updates. For example, you can notify people through a push notification if there’s a change in the schedule or if a speaker has to cancel. 

Push notifications are a quick and easy way to keep attendees updated and informed about all aspects of your event or conference.

Be Environmentally Friendly

Event mobile apps can help event managers reduce the event’s environmental footprint by using less paper. For example, an event mobile app can send electronic notifications instead of paper notifications. It can also be used to create a digital rather than a paper program.


Event mobile apps can also be used to collect data electronically instead of on paper forms. By using less paper, event mobile apps can help to reduce the impact on the environment.

Can Be More Cost-Effective with Container Apps

Event managers have two options when considering an event mobile app: a container app or a custom-built (or white-label) standalone app. A container app is a single app that can house many different event apps within it. In contrast, a custom-built event app is built by a developer specifically and solely for your event.


While creating a standalone app can provide more options for customization, they require far longer to develop and are often much more expensive than container apps. In addition, app store approvals typically take much longer for standalone apps and can lead to delays in getting the most up-to-date content out to your attendees.

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Create Networking Opportunities

A mobile app can also be used to create networking opportunities among attendees. With a mobile app, attendees can easily connect by posting about the event on a social feed within the app. Additionally, they can use the app to network with exhibitors and sponsors by locating their profiles and any digital materials within the app. Ideally, attendees should be able to share their contact information, a photo, bio, and any social links within the event app to connect with others both online and offline.

By using a mobile app for your event or conference, your event can become more interactive and engaging for attendees. 

Gather Data

A mobile app can be a powerful tool for gathering data about your event or conference. With a mobile app, you can quickly get attendees’ engagement and activity details. For example, the best mobile event app providers enable event managers to see important metrics such as total app installs, device breakdown (iOS vs. Android), and total views of specific pages within the app. 

event mobile app analytics

Additionally, you can also use the app to collect feedback from attendees. By obtaining information on your event or conference, you can improve the entire experience for attendees. 

You may also use the data to inform future events and conferences. The ability to gather data through a mobile app provides event and conference organizers with a valuable tool for improving the overall experience for attendees.

Showcase Your Event Sponsors

A mobile app can also help you create more opportunities for sponsors and attendees to interact. By using a mobile app, you can provide sponsors with more exposure and visibility. You can also use the app to offer sponsors more value for their investment.

For instance, the app can promote sponsors’ products and services to attendees. You can also use the app to give sponsors an additional presence at your event or conference. Doing this can create more sponsor engagement opportunities and generate more revenue for your event or conference

How to Get The Most From a Mobile Event App

Now that you know all the benefits of using a mobile event app to support your next event let’s talk about some specific ways you can leverage your app to improve attendee engagement at your next event.

Build an Event Information Page

The first place to start with your event mobile app is to create an event page where you can share details about what users can find while using your app. You can also add images, videos, and call-to-action buttons to create a customized and professional-looking page that will help users understand what they can find in your app and encourage them to explore further. 

Create an In-App Social Feed

App users are increasingly expecting to have a social experience when using apps. By allowing users to post photos or videos and comments or engage with other users’ posts through liking or commenting, you can create a more engaging experience that keeps users coming back. 

As a bonus, by including a social feed in your mobile event app, you will be able to keep all interactions uniquely focused on your own event. Further, you will be able to easily analyze event engagement within your app rather than tracking external social media platforms. 

social feed interactions on mobile phone 

Moderate Your Social Feed

Another key benefit of having an in-app social feed is the ability to moderate the content that gets posted. Inappropriate content can damage your app’s reputation and cause users to lose trust in your community. As your app administrator, protecting your user community from inappropriate content is vital. So be sure to use moderator settings to review content before it’s published. 

Utilize Scheduling Features

Organizing your event schedule can be daunting, especially if you have a lot of different activities or multiple tracks to manage. Scheduling tools are an event mobile app feature designed to make things easy by organizing everything chronologically, by department, focus, day, or whatever you need. 

Simply add all your tracks, meetings, workshops, and activities into one place so you can focus on what’s essential and leave the details to the app.

Keep Your Staff Informed with Announcement-Only Feeds

Any business owner knows that keeping your employees in the loop is key to ensuring a well-oiled event machine. Whether you’re sharing a last-minute schedule change, our alerting the appropriate party of technical difficulty- and admin-only feed can help you get the word out quickly and efficiently. 

Protect Attendees And Their Privacy

It’s crucial to find an event mobile app solution that allows you to dictate who should have access to the app and who, if any, should be restricted.


Leading event app solutions allow organizers to create public apps that anyone can download and use as well as private apps limited just to a specific list of attendees. In addition, conference and event organizers should look for mobile app platforms that enable them to revoke access from specific individuals at public events.

Further, in an age of social media behemoths seemingly doing whatever they want with user data, attendees may appreciate the privacy that comes with using an in-app feed. The most reputable event mobile app solutions will not sell users’ data. When organizations treat their users’ data with respect, it fosters a safe environment in which people feel comfortable sharing their information and interacting with your app.

Clone Your App To Streamline Your Next Event

 Finally, use app cloning to quickly create a new app based on an existing app for similar or repeating events. This will allow you to create a new app with similar functionality to an existing app or create a new one based on an existing one but with different features. 

Cloning can save time and money by allowing you to to base your new app on an existing app rather than starting from scratch. It can also quickly create multiple versions of an app for testing or for different market segments.


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