What the Tech?! Airplay Mirroring

It’s been around for a while, but how can you use it?

What the Tech is Airplay Mirroring?!


Airplay Mirroringverb;
Broadcasting content from iOS device to iOS device. AirPlay began as audio-only wireless streaming between devices, and progressed with iOS 5 to broadcasting visual content from devices to Apple TV. Now, Airplay mirroring can send videos, images, and mirroring of the original device screens to Apple TV across a wireless network.

Airplay Mirroring is what allows you to send videos you found on your phone straight to your Apple TV to share with a larger group or to enjoy on a more optimal screen. As long as your Apple TV (or HDTV) are connected to the same network as your iOS device, you can find Airplay in the control center. Once you tap, you’ll see all the eligible devices to which you can stream whatever’s on your screen.

But mirroring could be used for a ton of other exciting things. We started exploring mirroring when Yappers asked about putting their Twitter or News Feed pages up on large screens during events. How could they broadcast the conversations happening to larger screens? Apple’s built in mirroring only lets you send from your iPhone, iPad or Mac to Apple TV, but apps have started to build on this native technology. Reflector works with your Airplay-enabled iPhone or iPad to mirror onto your computer. There are a lot of cool uses for our users (especially educators, those running workshops, and conference hosts) that we’re planning to highlight later in the week. Many of these mirroring apps also let you record your screen, which is great for tutorials and how-to guides, but has raised some questions about the possibility of piracy.

What else do you want to know about Airplay Mirroring? What do you want to be able to do with this technology? Let us know in the comments.