Tips and Tricks to Show Off Your Yapp on the Big Screen

Your app isn’t complete without a news feed — a place for everyone to follow the Twitter action, a spot for conversations to flourish.

What’s even better? Getting to show that feed live on a huge screen in front of everyone to make following the conversation doubly fulfilling — it follows the crowd while the crowd follows it.

How to do this? If you’ve got an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac, you can do this super easily through Airplay Mirroring, which we told you about on Tuesday. If you’ve got HDTVs set up at your event or one in your classroom, you can send info directly from your phone’s control center, as long as the phone and the TV are on the same network.

If you’re using a projector, never fear! You can get an app like Reflector that allows you to mirror from phone to computer (Mac or PC). Just hook your computer up to the projector (where it probably was anyway), and you can display your feed within the frame of a phone, or full screen.

Show Your App on the Big Screen
Reflector in action. From their website,

So, now you’ve got Reflector on your phone. What other ways can you make good use of it? Here’s our top 5:

  1. Guide everyone through downloading their app.
    Show rather than tell everyone at your event exactly where to find their Yapp. Go through the download process on your phone while projected on the big screen as they follow along. A quick way to optimize downloads.
  2. Create a poll page in your Yapp and show off the voting results real time.
    This is great for a conference, internal event, UNconference (looking at you, Edcampers!) or the classroom. Set a time limit, display the poll, and have everyone respond on their devices via your Yapp.
  3. Buy a group license for your class and showcase group app projects.
    Reflector offers you the option of buying one license or a “multi-seat” license. This includes 5 licenses for less than $60, and if your school has iPads for students, linking these licenses up with 5 of those makes for fun and easy presenting.
  4. Showcase your Twitter and News Feed pages from your Yapp side by side.
    Set up two iPads or iPhones to display the News Feed and Twitter pages from your Yapp, turn on airplay, and let the audience follow along with the conversations on the big screen.
  5. Create fun promotional videos using your iPhone or Android.
    With Reflector, you can also record your screen, making a fun introduction to having an app. Test out your iMovie skills (or, check out all of these movie-making apps) for a fun mobile-first teaser for your event, organization, meeting or class.


Have more ideas about how to use apps like Reflector and tech like Airplay Mirroring? Let us know in the comments!