Yapper Monday: Caps off to the Class of 2014

Congrats, Class of 2014! Check out these apps from the year’s seniors and graduates.


Bryant University Commencement

Bryant University CommencementFor the second year, Bryant University is using Yapp to organize their commencement ceremony. Their app has listings for all the meetings and ceremonies necessary for grads, plus other pertinent information for families, visitors, and students.




Hoyas Senior Week

Hoyas Senior WeekThe senior class committee at Georgetown University put together an app for their Senior Week. It holds a full schedule of the week, from Disney Movie Marathon to a Neverland Kegger on to senior convocation and a graduates’ ball.




Davis Grad Night

Davis Grad NightThe high school grads in Davis, Calif., have a chance to party after graduation in a safe and healthy environment with their fellow seniors. The app is using a poll page to find out what students have heard about previous grad night parties.