Yapper Mondays: Tips for promoting your Yapp

Once you publish your (undoubtedly awesome) Yapp, what’s the best way to share your creation with the world? If you’re looking to leap into top-downloaded Yapp territory, we want to help you get there. Here are a few best practices for getting the word out about your Yapp.

CUSTOMIZE: Before you start sharing, make it easy on yourself and your users by getting a custom Yapp ID. Get rid of number and letter jumbles, making sharing without the link in front of you a piece of cake. You can get a custom ID for $5 a year once you’ve published your Yapp.

EMAILS: If your event has a mailing or contact list, hit them with your Yapp here first. Pop it into the regularly scheduled email with a little intro on how to download, like this:

The app works on iPhone and Android devices, and you can download it in just a few easy steps:

  • In your mobile browser, go to http://my.yapp.us/YAPPID
  • This link will redirect you to the app store, where you’ll be prompted to download the YappBox app. If the user already has YappBox, the Yapp will automatically open.
  • Once the app is installed, open it, and the Yapp will download itself.

SOCIAL: Grab wider, more public audiences by sending your link out with Twitter, Facebook, and whatever other social networks you use.

New users from the Illinois School Counselor Association created Yapps for their conferences and have been periodically tweeting about them to gradually pull in users:




The recent Women 2.0 conference in San Francisco pulled in a host of retweets the day-of by tweeting their Yapp link along with a link to a conference livestream:


They also used IN-EVENT SIGNAGE to continually promote:

We used ample signage at the event to promote the app — physical signs around registration, and on the main conference powerpoint at all times.


BLOG: For well-followed blogs, posting your link with instructions (much like sending out an email blast) can pull in your loyal followers with unlimited characters.

For the BlogHer PRO conference, the group stuck with the medium that brought them together:


GET CREATIVE: There are plenty of outlets to reach both loyal and new audiences that fit into your niche. Instagram, Vine and YouTube — among many others — are great ways to push the word with a visual attachment.

The Kosher Koncert Series added their link into the info section of their YouTube event preview, making the page an all-you-need source for the series:


Don’t see your proven method here? We want to hear it! Leave us a note about your Yapp and how you spread the word here.