Product Update: A Change to Theming

As we work to make Yapp better, we’ve decided to make a big change to the way that theming works.

We’re saying goodnight to our current theme library starting November 30th and switching over to a more modern and technically-efficient system, which incorporates our newest Basic theme in light and dark.


The new styling tool will sit at the top of the editor screen. If you want to change your color or style (Light or Dark), you can click to expand and see a variety of colors.

With this new design, our users will have a (literal) rainbow of color options to choose from, plus additional opportunities to customize. If the color you want isn’t an option, we’ll be able to easily work with you to add it. New features — including a more DIY cover page and the template pages you’ve been asking for, among other new things — will be seamless additions.

Some of our users have already been using the styling tool rather than the theme library. For our longtime users, the old themes will remain available until November 30, when we switch things over. If you don’t move your account to the new look before November 30, your theme will change to the Basic style in a color that matches the previous look.

We hope you’ll check out the new style tool and give us your feedback! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via email.