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Tips & Tricks: Take RSVPs Digital

Hosting an event is an organizational bear in and of itself. Once you start inviting people, the madness truly begins. And, because there’s a BIG difference in planning for 40 and for 400, the RSVP was born. While Yapp doesn’t…

Maria Seidman, Yapp Win Emerging Entrepreneur of 2014

Thanks to votes from our users and supportive community, our co-founder and CEO Maria Seidman was named Entrepreneur Magazine’s Emerging Entrepreneur of 2014! Meet the Winners at And check out the video that helped us get there below.

What the Tech?! Net Neutrality

 Net Neutrality, n; An idea that providers of Internet service should charge the same amount for web access without regard of user, content, or equipment. In short, it ensures that the Internet doesn’t discriminate depending on how you use it. There…

What the Tech?! Spotify Thanksgiving

This week, we’re bringing you a fairly straightforward — but incredibly fun — tech service that’ll make your Thanksgiving even better. Spotify Thanksgiving, n; A web-only offering from music streaming service Spotify that curates a playlist while you cook. Sweat no…